JC Excavation can provide Bulk Excavation services such as:

  • Quarry’s
  • Commercial Preparation

With the use of new technology such as the Diamond Saw, we now also provide:

  • Detailed Rock Sawing
  • Levelling
  • Final Trim
  • Detailed Excavation

Industries Serviced

  • Councils
  • Mining Companies
  • Goverment Bodies
  • Civil Construction Companies
  • Earthworks Companies
  • Private Developers
  • Commercial Property Sector

GPS Guidance Excavators


JC Excavations can provide a wide range of Excavators guided by GPS technology. We can also organise a Total Station GPS guidance to control all your excavation needs from excavation through to final completion.

Detailed Rock sawing excavation

With the new laser guided diamond saw, we can ensure that no over excavation occurs.

Shown opposite is a 1200x 2m deep trench cut from sandstone. This trench is now ready for pipe bedding.

Precision Excavation

With the extra precision that comes with this new equipment, it is now also possible to cost effectively cut large radius curves.

Noise Pollution Reduction

The diamond saw production rate currently exceeds any other trenching methods available today.

With a diamond saw, cuts are made quietly, and vibrations are kept to a minimum.

Detailed Hammering

Our years of detailed hammering experience allows us to meet any complicated design features of a construction.

Zero Swing Excavators

A Zero swing Excavator is particularly good for getting into tight spots.

Excavators come accompanied with a large silenced hammer, which also reduces noise pollution.


digging into rock

Detailed rock work can dramatically reduce the preparation time on a large construction projects.

Excavator for Services Installation

Shown opposite is an example of large deep pits that have been excavated to allow for the installation of stormwater tanks and services.