Our mission is to deliver in quality and service while providing a safe environment for our people, contribute to community and nurture a sustainable business.

JC Excavation’s prime objective is to provide construction services of the highest quality. Our Management and staff are committed to the delivery of works and services that comply with all quality requirements, both for internal activities related to the Company’s construction activities and for projects controlled by the Company. To that end, we are accredited to Quality Assurance standards.


Our staff and contractors understand that quality is everyone’s responsibility, and so all personnel actively participate to ensure that the highest quality of service is achieved.

JC Excavations is proud of the good relationship we maintain with our employees, contractors, consultants and suppliers. We have an excellent track record and have never had an industrial dispute with a client.

JC Excavations home base is Sydney, NSW, but also operates in all Australian states and territories.

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Health & Safety Policies

JC Excavation is committed to providing a safe working environment for all employees. We accept that the health and safety of our employees, subcontractors and members of the public who may be affected by our activities is our responsibility. Therefore all construction activity is carried

  • Providing & maintaining safe plant equipment out in accordance with the laws.
  • Ensuring the safe use/handling & storage of plant & substances following Health and Safety measures.
  • Providing adequate facilities to protect the welfare of personnel
  • Providing relevant information, training and supervision of staff
  • Appointment of a Project Safety Officer on each site

Recognising that hazards occur in the construction industry, JC Excavation takes every possible step to identify, assess and control risks in our working environment.

We thoroughly investigate all accidents, incidents and dangerous occurrences on our work sites and then implement control measures to minimise the possibility of recurrence.

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