Construction Plant Hire

JC Excavation provides excellent plant hire services. The company owns and operates a wide range of plant & machinery to cater for a wide variety of uses. These include:

  • GPS Guidance Excavators
  • Dump Trucks
  • Backhoes
  • Bobcats
  • Graders
  • Loaders
  • Trencher Diggers
  • Track Excavators
  • Water Carts

All plant hire equipment comes with an experienced operator. Contact us today for a detailed quotation.

Safety First:

Safety is first on the list with any project and also with JC Excavations. This starts with our biggest part of our fleet, Excavators.

All excavators are up to date with the newest automatic double locking quick hitch technology to give you maximum safety to all the workers in and around the excavators.

Most of the new quick hitches consist of a GEITH quick hitch, which is commonly known as one of the safest quick hitches on the market today.

All our operators are experienced and trained in the safe operation of our plant, so you will have ease to know our plant and operators are safe to do any job.


GPS Guidance Excavators:

JC Excavations can provide a wide range of Excavators guided by GPS technology.

This range consists from our compact and nimble 14 tonne excavators to our large and bulk 40 tonne excavators.

We can also organise a Total Station GPS guidance to control all your excavation needs from excavation through to final completion.

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Excavators & Accessories:

We supply a wide range of excavation equipment including:

– Zero Swing Excavators with Blade (5/13.5/25T)
– 20 & 35 Tonne Excavators
– Buckets (various sizes available)
– Tilt & Shaker Buckets
– Compaction Wheels
– Diamond Saw
– Hammers & Rippers

Non destructive Pot Holing Truck

Non Destructive Pot Holing / Digging:

Included in our plant hire range we have a newly set-up Vacuum Truck.

This truck has been purposely built to cater for all non-destructive digging with a hydraulic powered high pressure water system and a very large 6500 litre capacity tank.

Utilising a Hydraulic powered vacuum system eliminates a need for a loud, high revving secondary engine. This hydraulic pump set-up will make one of the quietest vacuum trucks out there today.

This truck can cater for all your site Environmental and Safe Excavation needs.



JC Excavations can provide a wide range of Trucks from 3 Tonne – Double Bogies (Truck & Dogs).

We can also organise Tilt Trays & Float Trucks on request.


Detailed Rock Sawing:

JC Excavations specialises in detailed Rock sawing and offers the latest technology in laser guided trenching accuracy.

JC Excavations has developed a unique guarding system to ensure that any excess water & discharge is contained within the site parameters when making detailed rock cuts.


Loading Shovels:

Our loading shovels come equipped with Forks & Bucket attachments.

Ideal for transporting large water main pipes or large heavy materials.


Water Carts:

We provide water carts for hire and can arrange for onsite delivery as required.